got snow? melt it!
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Snow Melting

Melting is our specialty, with thousands of hours of experience there isn't a job we can't handle.

Snow Plowing & Removal

Ice Management

With over 50 years of experience we can make sure your property looks like a flake never fell on it.

With safety not only as our number one priority but also as yours, we can make sure you have nothing but dry pavement.

how snow melting works

Snow is loaded into a water filled pit or melting tank incorporating a burner system.

The burner fires downward through a tube which is immersed in the water. Hot combustion products from the burner then mix with the water and travel up through a weir tube together.

At the top, the cooled gases escape to atmosphere and the warm water is sprayed over the snow to promote further melting.

This process results in excellent mixing and agitation and produces thermal efficiencies of approximately 98%.

Trecan Snow Melter | Snow Removal by melting

Source: Trecan Combustion


why melt the snow?

There are two things that are becoming more and more priceless everyday, space and time. Every inch of your property matters so why occupy it for months on end with snow piles just waiting until spring for it to melt?

Waiting for mother nature to melt away your snow piles can sometimes take forever to do. We can melt 6 inches of snow from a 200,000 square foot lot all in a days work.

Do you currently have your snow hauled away and brought to a snow farm?

That's a great way to regain your space and not have the snow sitting on your property but lets think of how many 10 wheel dump trucks you need to haul away that 6 inches of snow from a 200,000 square foot lot. There are 8.2 cubic yards per ton of snow and a 10 wheel dump truck can haul 14 cubic yards, it would take roughly 877 dump truck loads to haul away every inch of that snow to somewhere else and wait for mother nature to work her magic.Now picture this, 877 dump truck loads doing 5 miles round trip to transport your snow burning 1 gallon of diesel fuel for those 5 miles. That's an astonishing 4385 gallons of fuel compared to the 750 to 2200 gallons (depending on if the snow is light and fluffy or heavy and icy) a snow melter would burn through for the same amount of snow.




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